China, Pakistan may jointly hit out at India: Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi addressing Bharat Jodo Yatra rally at the Red Fort

Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said both China and Pakistan are together against India and may jointly hit out at the country sooner or later.

During an interaction with ex-servicemen, which he shared on his YouTube channel on Sunday, Gandhi said India is "extremely vulnerable" and must act now or else, it will suffer a "huge setback".

The former Congress chief said the clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers at Galwan and Doklam were linked and were part of China's strategy to hit India together with Pakistan, a country with which it now has economic ties too.

"China and Pakistan have become one and if a war breaks out, it will not just be with one, but with both. The country will suffer a huge setback. India is now extremely vulnerable," Gandhi said in the five-minute video.

"In our country, there is disturbance, fighting, confusion and hatred. Our mindset is still of a two-and-a-half-front war. Our mindset is not of joint operability nor of cyber warfare. India is now extremely vulnerable. China and Pakistan are both preparing a surprise for us. That is why I keep repeating that the government cannot keep quiet," he said.

Noting that the government should tell the nation what has happened at the border, the Congress leader said, "Whatever action we have to take, we have to start now. Actually, we should have taken action five years ago, which we did not. If we do not take action quickly, the country will suffer."