Cong and problems are like twin brothers; except poverty, party didn't give anything to country: PM

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Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Apr 30 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the Congress and problems were like "twin brothers", and alleged that except poverty, the grand old party did not give anything to the country while it was in power.


Addressing election rallies at Latur and Dharashiv districts in Marathwada region of Maharashtra for the Bharatiya Janata Party's Lok Sabha candidates, he also accused the Congress of betraying the people and farmers, and crushing their dreams in the country.

Speaking in Latur, he said, "Congress and problems are like twin brothers. They never tried to end people's problems. Latur has been facing a water crisis, but did they try to address the issue? Congress kept the water schemes hanging and hurdles were created in the water grid scheme." Congress could not give anything except poverty to the country. It could not even provide basic amenities like toilets, Modi alleged.

"Our youth have always been talented, but Congress has crushed the dreams of people of the country for 60 years. Congress thought of just one family, but I think of the entire country. We are ending some of the old laws and making some of them easier," he said.


Targeting Rahul Gandhi and the opposition INDIA bloc, he said, "When I talk about 'Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat', the prince of Congress gets a fever. Those who have seen the country in pieces now want to divide the post of prime minister." The BJP's start campaigner said the INDIA bloc wanted to share the prime minister's post in rotation if it comes to power.

"Five PMs in five years means it is a scheme to loot the country turn by turn. Congress has made a dangerous plan to loot the people. They say they will conduct an X-Ray of people's properties and then distribute it among their vote bank. Should the people let Congress loot the assets of people they have earned for their children?" he asked.

"It is Indian people's habit to save so that they can give something to their children. Now they (Congress) say that the savings cannot be given to the kin. They are talking about implementing inheritance tax, through which they will grab more than half of your savings," he said.


On the issue of reservation, Modi said the provision of quota made in the Constitution cannot be snatched.

"Reservation cannot be taken away even if Babasaheb Ambedkar were to appear in person. But Congress wants to curtail the SC, ST reservation and give it to their vote bank," he alleged.

The party did not let the SC and ST leadership grow. In the past 10 years, the highest number of SC, ST category MPs, MLAs are from BJP and NDA, he said.


Speaking in Dharashiv, he said, "Today, India is providing pace to the development of the world. Chandrayaan-3 reached the place where no one else could reach. The anti-coronavirus vaccine manufactured in India saved the lives of crores of people across the globe. Now, India brings back its people safely even when there is heavy shelling (in war-torn countries). Earlier, other countries used to bully India and Congress used to sing songs of peace in such a situation." "If the government is weak, how can it strengthen the country? Congress has only one identity which is betrayal. Congress remained in power for 60 years but could not take water to fields. Its governments also stopped Jalyukt Shivar and Jal Jeevan Mission schemes," Modi said.

He said the Congress ignored irrigation projects for decades, but the governments led by BJP were completing them.

"We are starting new irrigation projects under the leadership of Devendra Fadnavis, Eknath Shinde and Ajit Pawar in Maharashtra," Modi said.


"Another betrayal done by the Congress was that of fake packages, which never reached the farmers. The money of these packages was snatched by Congress. But we have stopped this game. Three lakh crore rupees have moved to the accounts of farmers under the PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana. Not even a single rupee was embezzled," he said.

During the Congress government, the fertilizers were looted, Modi alleged.

"I have stopped their scams so their anger is obvious. Now they will make fake allegations against me. But their statements will not make a difference, they are using our faces and voices to make fake videos," he said, apparently referring to Union Home Minister Amit Shah's doctored video being shared by several opposition leaders.

On the state dinner hosted by US President Joe Biden at the White House, PM Modi said, "I was the first Indian prime minister for whom such an event was organised and millets were served on the dining table. Now, we will take the millets over dining tables in various corners of the globe. Our millets are being served as super food which will benefit our small farmers." PTI AW NP