Cong attacks Modi govt over 'unfulfilled' commitments to people of Rajasthan

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New Delhi, Apr 2 (PTI) The Congress on Tuesday alleged that the Modi government has many "unfulfilled commitments" to the people of Rajasthan, as the party attacked it over issues such as the ERCP project, "anti-Dalit atrocities" and lack of opportunities for the youth of the state.


Ahead of the Rajasthan rally of Modi, Ramesh said as the prime minister visits the state, the Congress hopes that he will take this opportunity to address his many unfulfilled commitments to the people of Rajasthan.

“On 7th July, 2018 and 6th October, 2018, PM Modi had promised to the people of Rajasthan that the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (ERCP) will be given national project status. This was crucial because 90% of funding for national projects comes from the Centre,” he said.

After the Congress came to power in 2018, then-Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot wrote to the PM on six occasions, requesting him to fulfil his promise so that this essential infrastructure project could commence, he said.


“Despite the PM’s promises, the BJP not only denied national project status, but also refused to respond to any of Mr. Gehlot’s letters. Now, the BJP government has hastily pushed the project through before the election, at massive cost to the state exchequer,” he alleged.

Why has the prime minister failed to fulfill the promise he made to the people of Rajasthan, he asked.

Where is the ‘Double Engine Sarkar’ when Rajasthan really needs it, he asked.


“A few days ago, in Alwar district, an eight-year-old Dalit boy was beaten up for touching a bucket while drinking water from the school hand pump. When the boy’s family heard of the incident and confronted the perpetrators, they were met with casteist slurs and death threats. Why do criminals feel empowered to get away with such anti-Dalit atrocities in BJP-run Rajasthan?” Ramesh said.

What is the BJP government at the State and Centre doing to ensure that children of all caste backgrounds feel safe at school, he asked.

“The Modi government has grown accustomed to making false promises to India’s youth. The youth of Rajasthan have consistently demonstrated their opposition to the Modi Sarkar’s ill-conceived Agnipath Scheme. Even if we ignore the unrealistic expectation of preparing young soldiers for battle within 6 months, how can we ignore the scheme’s impact on their long-term job prospects?” he said.


Where will young recruits go after spending four years of their prime in the army, he asked .

“In a country that has been rocked by rampant unemployment under the BJP’s mismanagement of the economy, what options do the youth have?” he said.

A lack of private sector jobs and now shrinking public sector opportunities – is this the fulfilment of the BJP’s ‘Double Engine ki Sarkar’, he asked.

“What is the PM’s vision to secure the prospects of our youth?” he said. PTI ASK DV DV