Delhi LG approves translocation of trees for construction of ISTM building

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New Delhi, Jan 29 (PTI) Delhi Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena has given permission for transplantation of 134 trees for the construction of a building of the Institute of Secretariat Training and Management (ISTM) at the old JNU campus here, Raj Niwas officials said on Monday.


Permission has also been granted for the felling of two trees for the project, according to them. The officials said that a compensatory plantation of 1,340 trees, in addition to transplantation or translocation of these trees, at a cost of Rs 76.38 lakh will be carried out. The forest and wildlife department has informed Saxena that 132 out of 134 trees of native species will be transplanted at Mehrauli and two trees of exotic species are proposed to be compensated for, they said.

The compensatory plantation in the ratio of 1:10 in lieu of transplantation or felling of trees, totalling to 1,340 saplings would be carried out at Eco Park, NTPC, Badarpur, New Delhi, by the ISTM in an area of 1.40 hectare, the officials said.

It will involve various species such as neem, amaltas, peepal, pilkhan, gular, bargad, desi kikar and arjun along with other native species.

The compensatory plantation cost of Rs 76.38 lakh will be deposited in advance by the ISTM.

The Lt Governor's permission for transplantation or felling of trees was sought under the provisions of the Delhi Preservation of Trees Act (DPTA), 1994, the officials said. PTI SLB ANB ANB