Delhi zoo transformation: New animal species; enhanced visitors' experience

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New Delhi: The National Zoological Park here is set for a significant transformation with the focus on enhancing its appearance and visitors' experience while making arrangements for new animal species, a senior official said on Saturday.

Popularly known as the Delhi Zoo, the zoological park is situated on a 176-acre site behind the historic Purana Qila and has been a prominent landmark since its inception in 1952.

Speaking about the 'Zoo Transformative Plan', Sanjeev Kumar, director of the National Zoological Park, said, "A lot of work is currently underway. We are working on projects that will enhance the visitors' experience and aesthetic improvements to change the look of the zoo." "We are also making arrangements for the convenience of the visitors and enhance the living conditions of the animal. We will make new components and fix some old components in the zoo," Kumar added.

The official said the zoo plans to welcome some new species of animals but before that happens, "necessary habitats" have to be created.

"There is a lot of fixing that needs to be done, especially if we are planning to welcome some new animal species.

"Before we welcome any new animals to the zoo, we are committed to providing them with the necessary habitats," Kumar said.

"Our priority is to create a more suitable and enriched environment for all our animals," Kumar added.

A key feature of the transformative plan is the introduction of an innovative audio guide providing detailed information about the animals, Kumar said.

"Visitors will soon be able to scan QR codes placed on trees and other strategic locations throughout the zoo. Once scanned, these codes will provide detailed audio information about the animals, making it easier and more convenient for visitors to learn about the zoo's diverse wildlife," Kumar said.

"The QR codes will revolutionise how our visitors interact with and learn about animals. This is part of our broader efforts to transform the zoo and make it more educational and engaging," he added.

Additionally, the zoo will undergo extensive beautification efforts. This includes the construction of new sections, renovation of existing structures, and overall improvements to the landscape, Kumar said.