DUSIB demolished night shelters for homeless without permission from govt: Saurabh Bharadwaj

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18 Mar 2023

New Delhi, Mar 18 (PTI) Delhi Urban Development Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj has criticised the national capital's urban shelter improvement board for the recent demolition of eight night shelters for the homeless, saying that the "inhumane" action was taken without permission from the government.

In a letter to the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) on Thursday, the minister referred to its director's reported remark that the demolition was carried out on the orders of the Delhi government and sought to know who from the government gave the order and whether it was written or verbal.

"I have come to know from the media report that eight homeless night shelters at Jawahar Shramik Sthal, Yamuna Pushta near KG (Kashmere Gate) ISBT have been demolished on the night of 10/03/2023 in the most inhumane manner," he wrote.

"This has been done without any prior information or intimation to the residents, leave alone without having ensured their rehabilitation and relocation," he added.

Officials of the DUSIB have taken the decision without any information, intimation or permission from the government, he claimed.

"There was approximately 1,185 occupants who were made homeless without any notice. As a minister, I am in shock to learn that the shelter which was inspected very recently by Honourable L.G. (lieutenant governor) and a huge investment made thereafter to expand it with better facilities (has been demolished)," Bharadwaj noted.

Some DUSIB officers took a unilateral decision without informing the government violating all norms of providing shelter to the homeless as laid down by the Supreme Court, he claimed.

Neither the vice chairman nor the chairman of the board was kept in the loop before taking this action, he said.

He sought to know when were these shelters constructed and how much has been spent in building and renovating them to date.

"What was the capacity of the shelter and while demolishing it what provisions were made to re-shelter people displaced from this shelter? Director DUSIB has stated in the social media that the demolition has been carried out on the orders of Govt. Of NCT, Delhi. DUSIB may kindly specify who in Delhi Govt. has given these directions,” he asked.

He asked whether these demolitions were carried out on orders of any court.

"Is there any other proposal to demolish/remove any more homeless shelters and if so complete information in this regard is furnished to this office along with the timelines," he wrote. PTI VA SMN SMN

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