Elderly couple forced to live in old age home as son commits property fraud

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Nagpur, Jul 7 (PTI) An elderly couple from Nagpur was allegedly deceived by their 39-year-old son who fraudulently sold their home and property, resulting in their displacement to an old age home, police said on Sunday.

The accused Abhijit Nipane even made a woman pose as his mother as he sold two plots in Mouza Gorewada for Rs 60 lakh each. Additionally, he illicitly gained possession of the family's residence in Zingabai Takli area, an official said.

According to officials, the incident occurred when Meena Nipane (70), a retired health department official, and her husband Muralidhar relocated to their younger son Aniket's residence in Goa during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking advantage of their absence, Abhijit colluded with others in the fraudulent sale of their properties, they said.

Upon returning to Nagpur on March 12, 2024, the elderly couple was denied entry into their own home by Abhijit. It was then revealed that not only had he sold their property but had also manipulated legal documents, including a forged Aadhaar card, officials said.

The senior citizen couple lodged a complaint with Mankapur police, leading to the registration of a case against Abhijit and his accomplices under various sections, including fraud, of the Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita. PTI COR NSK