Expedite process for procuring medical machinery and equipments: Health Minister Shandil

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Shimla, Jul 11 (PTI) Health Minister Dhani Ram Shandil on Thursday directed the health department officials to expedite the process for procuring medical machinery and equipments in the health institutions across the state to ensure that people get quality healthcare facilities at their doorsteps.

He said that in order to speed up the purchase of machinery and equipments, technical specifications related to purchase should be kept on the analogy of the AIIMS and PGI.

This would ensure the quality in purchase and save both time and money during the procurement process, he said in a statement issued here.

The minister, who chaired a Special High Power Purchase Committee meeting here, said the government was dedicated to provide timely and top-quality healthcare to benefit the people and assured that the government would provide state-of-the-art medical equipment to improve the medical response and services.

Approval was given for floating of tender for procuring of Baby Care Kit for the mothers' of newborn babies, each to cost approximately Rs 1,500.

Around one lakh institutional deliveries were expected in a year and the state government has made a budget provision of Rs 10 crore for the kits.

The kit would include 20 items, including eight new items like a digital thermometer, nail cutter, cap, soft bristle hair brush, bib, washcloth for the baby and sanitary napkins for the mother. The remaining items include one piece slip-on outfit for the baby, baby vest (2 pieces), baby mittens and booties, baby massage oil, baby towel, baby cloth nappies, hand sanitizer, mosquito net, mink blanket, rattle toy, muslin/flannel square (2 pieces), toothbrush, paste, bathing soap and vaseline for the mother.

The minister later also chaired the third board meeting of Himachal Pradesh Medical Services Corporation.

He gave approval to the corporation's various demands and requirements, including approval for beginning the process of procuring machinery for various institutions, testing vehicles and furniture for hospitals. PTI BPL AS AS