Forced to act against one person helping foreign terrorists to protect 100s: JK DGP

Reshi Irshad
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RR Swain

R R Swain

Pulwama: Jammu and Kashmir DGP R R Swain on Saturday said that the positive benefits of recently concluded peaceful elections should trigger a virtuous cycle of security.

"That is, it should not go backwards; it should go forward. Our basic principle is that only if there is peace can elections be held. We are all satisfied that the elections were successful, and the turnout of the voters was high. This is a good start. Only if there is no fear can people vote freely. If there is no fear, then a person will stand for the elections," he told reporters on the sidelines of the DGP's Grievance Redressal Programme in DPL Pulwama.

"I am telling myself that tomorrow, when I leave my uniform, or whether I am a DG here or not, I am a common citizen. Tomorrow, if I need to fight for the elections or vote, then an environment without fear should be created for that. How do we want to maintain that environment? We are concerned about that. And to maintain that, sometimes we have to face difficulties," he added.

DGP also stated that J&K police is a law enforcement agency and will enforce the law. "We will act as per the crime. We need the full support of the people, and we are getting the full support of the people."

Regarding a question on foreign terrorism, he said, "We are moving from Resident Terrorism to Foreign Terrorism. Resident Terrorism means that the number of our boys who used to join terrorism earlier has started to decrease. We are trying to decide with the community that no one should be involved in this. No mother, sister, brother, son, or husband should be involved in this. His life should be saved."

On local recruitment, DGP said that their first attempt is to understand why someone joined and how they can stop him.

"Because of that attempt, you will see that the number has decreased. When the number has decreased, lives are being saved. When lives are being saved, the violence is decreasing. We want that no one's house should be demolished. There should not be any kind of violence in the courtyard of anyone's house. Now, there is Foreign Terrorism. They tried to blow up the electric pole. We all get electricity from the electric pole."