Fragmentation of efforts in health sector leaves populations to fend for themselves, says Mandaviya

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17 Nov 2023
New Update

New Delhi, Nov 17 (PTI) The inadequacy and fragmentation of efforts in the health sector leaves populations to fend for themselves and it is deeply concerning that the ongoing crises have exacerbated unequal access to health care and education, Union Health Minister Manuskh Mandaviya said on Friday.


Manadaviya made the comments while addressing the second edition of the Voice of Global South Summit, hosted by India.

"It is imperative to recognise that the majority of epidemics and pandemics threatening global health -- from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome to COVID-19 -- have roots in zoonotic origins. Committees of the International Health Regulations have consistently highlighted the inadequacy and fragmentation of efforts, leaving populations vulnerable to fend for themselves," Mandaviya said.

"It is also deeply concerning that the ongoing crises have exacerbated unequal access to health care and education," he added.


The health minister noted that the National Centre for Disease Control is at the forefront of significant One Health-related endeavours, implementing programmes grounded in 'One Health' as a fundamental principle.

"Today, the One Health concept is recognised as an effective approach to complex public health problems involving multiple disciplines, closely linking human health, animal health and environmental health," Mandaviya said.

"India's One Health programme diligently monitors and investigates emerging infectious diseases, particularly those originating from wildlife spaces, with a focus on fostering coordination among diverse groups for early detection and response," he added.


Mandaviya noted that digital platforms, networks and services have the potential to play a pivotal role in tackling healthcare challenges and fostering equitable access to medical resources.

"We also understand that the Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) is a promising tool for propelling public health initiatives in the Global South. India has underscored its unwavering commitment to the implementation of a One Health approach. This commitment is demonstrated by the emphasis on the One Health-based approach in the leaders' declaration," he said.

"Furthermore, there is a dedicated focus on prioritising efforts to address the critical issue of AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance), including research and development, infection prevention and control," he said.

The minister noted that the combined efforts should be directed towards nurturing collaboration, trust and growth in the Global South, acknowledging the significance of inclusive and sustainable solutions to address the challenges faced by developing nations. PTI GJS SZM