Governance under PM Modi is about service, good administration, welfare of poor: Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar

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Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar (File photo)

Rajeev Chandrasekhar (File Photo)

Hyderabad: Governance in India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is about serving the nation, good administration, welfare of the poor and building a better future for the country for all Indians, Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said on Monday.


Addressing the newly inducted recruits at the 8th tranche of the Rozgar Mela event organised by CRPF in Chadrayangutta here, the Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology said being in government today is about service, good governance and looking after the weak and vulnerable.

"It is not about authority, power or control. This is the changed concept of our maximum governance and service," he said.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar said before 2014, the impression about the government or perception about governance in India was that it is dysfunctional, it is corrupt, it is only for those who are connected, it is only for those who have got a Godfather.


"Therefore there is a very different connotation to the concept of government jobs. Government jobs today are about serving the people of India, enabling the youth to become successful, securing our country against our enemies. This is about public service and national service and not just about authority and control and exploitation as it was for several years before," he said.

The Prime Minister is determined in his efforts from the very beginning from 2014 in creating newer and more opportunities for the youth of the country, he said.

Over the last eight years, a significant number of opportunities for the youth have been created be it in agriculture, handicrafts or traditional areas and in new areas like startups and digital ecosystem, he said, adding the country's youth are today laying the foundation for our future, prosperous, developed India.


He further said as the world grappled with COVID over the last few years and lives and livelihood all around the world were impacted, India has become the fastest growing economy in the world.

"Today, India is the fifth largest economy and poised to become the third largest economy in the world in the next few years. And all of this has been possible because the focus of the Prime Minister has been relentlessly on creating more and more investments, development and strengthening our economy and creating more and more opportunities for the younger generation," Rajeev Chandrasekhar said.

The Union Minister later handed over the appointment letters to the newly selected candidates.