Governers, LGs obstructing elected governments' work: Arvind Kejriwal

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25 Jan 2023

New Delhi, Jan 25 (PTI) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday alleged that several states in the country are being harassed by Centre-appointed governors and LGs, who have been doing it by obstructing the elected government's work, even as he wondered whether a "dark shadow" was being cast over democracy.

"On the 74th Republic day, we need to ponder how to save democracy from these Laat Sahibs(governors/LGs)," Kejriwal said at a Republic Day function here organised by the Delhi government.

The AAP supremo also referred to alleged "tussle" of the Centre with the judiciary, state governments, as well as farmers and traders, and called for an end to such fights so that India could become the "number one" country in the world.

"These days, they are fighting with the judiciary. What is the need to fight with judges? They are also fighting with the state governments, farmers and traders. If we work together and learn from each other, then nothing can stop India from becoming number one country in the world," Kejriwal said.

Citing his recent visit to Telangana, Kejriwal said that the government there has decided to provide free eye check up and follow up treatment to 4 crore people in the state.

"We will also do it in Delhi. There is no problem in the country whose solution has not been found in some states. The state governments need to learn from one another for finding solutions to the problems," he said.

The Chief Minister also urged the Centre to exempt food items from GST saying it will provide much needed relief to the people in the country. He said that 99 per cent traders in the country wanted to pay taxes, and called for the simplification of the entire GST regime.

Remembering sacrifices of the freedom fighters, Kejriwal said: "State governments are being harassed these days. It was not for this that our freedom fighters made sacrifices. Is there a dark shadow looming over democracy in the country?" Governments elected by the people are supreme and no one is above them, he asserted, as he registered his objection to instances where vice chancellors appointed by the state government were allegedly rejected by governors.

Highlighting the achievements of Delhi under the rule of AAP government, he claimed that the city has left behind London, New York, Washington, Singapore in many fields including number of doctors, electric vehicles, per capita forest area, and education. PTI VIT VN VN

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