Govt delayed Navi Mumbai metro line commissioning for selfish gains, says NCP

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17 Nov 2023
New Update

Mumbai, Nov 17 (PTI) The Sharad Pawar-led Nationalist Congress Party on Friday accused the Maharashtra government of delaying the commissioning of the Navi Mumbai metro rail line for publicity.


The 11.10 kilometre Belapur-Pendhar line number 1 was thrown open to the public during the day.

Planning authority City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), in a statement on Thursday, had said the line was being open "without an official programme" on the directions of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde.

"The metro rail was ready to serve the public six months ago but it was not inaugurated for public use because the government of Maharashtra could not get an appointment of the prime minister," NCP national spokesperson Clyde Crasto alleged in a statement.


"This government is only concerned about their publicity and gaining mileage for themselves. They do not care about the convenience of the common people. The ease of commute and convenience of Navi Mumbikars has been stolen and delayed by this government for six months for their selfish gains," Crasto added.

This attitude of the Maharashtra government only proves it is publicity hungry and anti-people, Crasto said reacting to Shinde's announcement of starting the metro rail line without a formal inauguration.

In its statement on Thursday, the CIDCO said, "The metro service will commence on Friday between Pendhar to Belapur Terminal and Belapur Terminal to Pendhar at 3.00 PM, with the last service being at 10pm. From November 18, the first service between Pendhar to Belapur Terminal and Belapur Terminal to Pendhar will be at 6am, while the last will be at 10pm. The frequency will be of 15 minutes." The fares are Rs. 10 for 0 to 2 KM, Rs 15 for 2 to 4 KM, Rs 20 for 4 to 6 KM, Rs 25 for 6 to 8 KM, Rs 30 for 8 to 10 KM and Rs 40 for distances beyond 10 KM," the CIDCO release had said.

The metro route between Belapur and Pendhar has 11 stations, with the depot located at Taloja Panchanand. PTI MR BNM BNM