Govt should issue report on promises fulfilled by it on R-Day every year: Mayawati

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26 Jan 2023

Lucknow, Jan 26 (PTI) BSP president Mayawati on Thursday said the Centre and state governments should use the occasion of Republic Day every year to honestly evaluate and issue a development report on the promises fulfilled by them so as to instill confidence among the people.

The former Uttar Pradesh chief minister also underlined the need for continued efforts to ensure development of the country and its people in accordance with the humanitarian values of the Constitution given by B R Ambedkar.

"The central and state governments need to work towards making the country 'vishwa guru' (global leaders) but for this it is also necessary that on this occasion every year they should do an honest self evaluation and tell the people how they have fulfilled promises and resolves in one year and give a development report," she said in a party release.

This will not only instill confidence and energy among the people but would also ensure that Republic Day functions do not remain mere rituals, she added.

Holding that the vast difference between government claims of development and the ground reality has led to lack of confidence between the government and people, Mayawati said earlier it was the Congress and now the BJP which is following the same path and termed it as most "unfortunate".

"The fact that people have to rely on foodgrains issued by the government in the absence of respectable employment and means of livelihood goes on to prove that the economic status of people has gone down. How will the country develop in this scenario," she asked.

The BSP president also said that the government considers collecting record GST tax as its success whereas the reality is that barring a handful of people, the majority is feeling the pain of poverty and inflation.

Asking what the government wanted to achieve by becoming "rich government of 125 crore poor people", Mayawati said majority of the people are poor despite the country's coffers being full.PTI SAB   DV DV

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