If BJP allowed to become stronger, people may lose their voting right: Akhilesh Yadav

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09 Aug 2022
Samajwadi Party's chief Akhilesh Yadav (File photo)

Kannauj: Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav here on Tuesday alleged that people may lose their right to vote if the BJP is allowed to become stronger as he accused the ruling party of undermining the country’s democratic institutions and the Constitution.


He said there are some countries where "no voting takes place" and in sweeping remarks questioned the electoral system in China and Russia.

"Is there any election in the neighbouring country of China. If you go beyond, are there any elections in Russia? In Pakistan, the Army rules the roost and install in power whoever they want to. Are there any elections in Myanmar and its surrounding countries? So, be careful," Yadav said during an event at Jhauva village on August Kranti Diwas.

Yadav alleged that the BJP takes votes of backward castes and the Dalits but did not give them their due.


"Your employment is being taken away and the Constitution is also being attacked. If these people become more powerful, then you may also lose your right to vote. You should not take this as a joke," Yadav said.

Terming the present regime in the Centre as the government of industrialists, the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister said the East India Company had come to India to do business but later the British passed a law that made the company a government.

"Today, properties of India are being sold by BJP people. They have given the whole country to industrialists. If these people stay for a few more days, then we and you will be made slaves," he said.


Taking a jibe at the BJP's "Har Ghar Tiranga" campaign and the RSS, he said, "Today, they want a Tricolour at every home. If you go through history, these are the same people who once opposed the Tricolour." Referring to the Agneepath scheme of recruitment in the armed forces, Yadav said, "Now, there is a temporary system in the Army, after a few days there will be a temporary system in police and PAC too. After a few days, they will also be outsourced." He also alleged that the BJP leaders knew where the politician who had misbehaved with a woman in Noida was "hiding" and he had links with influential ruling party ministers and MLAs.

Yadav also said the BJP "deliberately arrested" him on August 9, which is an "insult to revolutionaries" who fought for the country’s freedom. He, however, did not elaborate on his remark.

August 9 is being observed as the August Kranti Diwas, the day the Quit India movement was lodged against the British in 1942. The Kakori train robbery by Indian revolutionaries also took place on this day in 1925.


His remark indicated to a statement by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who had slammed the Congress for holding a protest over price rise and other issues on August 5, the day which marked the beginning of the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Adityanath had called the Congress protest an insult to "Ram bhakts" as opposition party leaders wore black clothes.

Without taking any name, Yadav referred to the conviction of state minister Rakesh Sachan in an Arms Act case, saying, "A minister fled with the entire file from the court when he came to know that a decision is coming against him." "Has the government saved him or not," Yadav asked people adding that fake cases are being lodged by the government against socialists and Muslims, who made an equal contribution for the country’s freedom.

"If you go across any list of freedom fighters, Muslims had equal contribution," he said accusing the BJP of pursuing the "divide and rule" policy of the British.