If Centre provides 1,300 MGD water to Delhi, we can ensure round-the-clock supply to people: Kejriwal

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29 Jan 2023

New Delhi, Jan 29 (PTI) Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday urged the Centre to provide 1,300 million gallons per day (MGD) of water to Delhi, saying it will help ensure round-the-clock water supply to the people in the city.


The Delhi government is trying to increase water availability in the city, he said after inaugurating an 11 million litres capacity underground water reservoir (UGR) in Patparganj village.

"Delhi received 800-850 MGD water when its population was around 80 lakh. It is still getting the same water though the population has now tripled to 2.5 crore," the chief minister said.

"We will supply round-the-clock water to each household in the city if Delhi is provided 1,300 MGD water by the Centre," he added.


Delhi can be provided water from the neighbouring Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, Kejriwal said, adding that his government would work for this.

Besides water from the Yamuna, Ganga and the neighbouring states, Delhi is also working to boost availability through local sources, he added.

In the last seven years, the availability of water in Delhi has been increased from 861 MGD to 990 MGD through water treatment plants, tube wells and rainy wells, the chief minister said.

Twelve reservoirs and three treatment plants were constructed by the Delhi government in the last seven years, he said.

The Patparganj village UGR, constructed at a cost of Rs 32 crore, will benefit nearly one lakh residents of Patparganj village, Pandav Nagar, Shashi Garden, Mayur Vihar societies and Chilla village among others. PTI VIT IJT