If Nath's engine is attached to Modi government's engine, train of MP's development will stop: Fadnavis

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10 Nov 2023
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Indore, Nov 10 (PTI) Calling on voters in Madhya Pradesh to keep the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in power, Maharashtra deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Friday said the development of their state will come to a halt if the Congress won the elections.


Campaigning for the saffron party ahead of the November 17 assembly polls, he also accused Congress leaders of forgetting election promises after coming to power.

"At present, there is a double engine BJP government in Madhya Pradesh (with BJP ruling in the state and at the Centre), but if the Congress comes to power by a small mistake, the train of development will stop, because the engine of the Narendra Modi government will try to take this train forward on the path of progress, and (Kamal) Nath government's engine will pull it backwards," Fadnavis said at a rally in Indore-3 constituency.

. Prime Minister Modi has introduced a new model of welfare of the poor and inclusive development, the BJP leader added.


The Congress is promising freebies to the voters but they are not going to get these things, he said, claiming that the party failed to fulfill its poll promises in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

Earlier, speaking at a rally for BJP candidate Archana Chitnis in Burhanpur, he said Congress leaders suffer from memory loss like the protagonist of the film Aamir Khan-starrer film "Ghajini" as they promptly forget their poll promises after winning.

“Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi come and make announcements. Kamal Nath also gives assurances on a daily basis. Ask them which of the assurances given in (Congress-ruled) Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan were fulfilled. They suffer from amnesia. Have you seen the movie Ghajini? Congress is suffering from the disease of Ghajini,” he said.


Congress leaders make announcements and forget them after winning, Fadnavis further said.

“After winning elections, they think about their families. They do not think about the people and the poor. On the other hand, under the rule of (prime minister) Narendra Modi and (MP chief minister) Shivraj Singh Chouhan, attention was paid to the common people and poor,” he said.

The slogan promising `roti, kapda aur makan' was being given since the first government was formed in the country after Independence, but it was fulfilled when the Modi government came to power at the Centre, the BJP leader said.

Five crore poor families got pucca houses in the last nine years and the poor also got electricity, LPG cylinders at subsidised rate and other facilities, Fadnavis said.

Five crore people are getting free ration in Madhya Pradesh, he said while mentioning other schemes like tap water to every home and Ayushman scheme for free medical treatment. PTI HWP MAS ADU KRK