Important matters heard by Supreme Court on Nov 7

NewsDrum Desk
07 Nov 2023

Important matters heard by the Supreme Court on Tuesday, November 7: * Amid a spike in pollution levels in the Delhi-NCR, the SC directed Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan to ensure crop residue burning was stopped "forthwith", saying it cannot let "people die" due to pollution.


* The Delhi government's odd-even car rationing scheme to curb air pollution came under scrutiny by the SC, which questioned the scheme's effectiveness and termed it "all optics".

* The SC said it is "troublesome" that the Centre is selectively picking, choosing and appointing judges whose names were recommended by the collegium for appointment to higher judiciary.

* The order banning firecrackers containing barium binds every state and is not just limited to Delhi-NCR region, which is reeling under severe air pollution, the SC said.

* The SC asked the Centre to put in place guidelines on seizure of electronic devices like phones and laptops of individuals, particularly media professionals, while terming it a serious matter.

* The SC commenced hearing a bunch of 391 petitions challenging various provisions of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) over claims that they are violative of fundamental rights like the right to equality of those against whom insolvency proceedings are initiated. PTI MNL IJT