INDIA bloc will disintegrate 'khata khat' after June 4: Modi in UP's Pratapgarh

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Pratapgarh (UP) May 16 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi Thursday said the INDIA bloc wants to make five prime ministers in five years and claimed that it will disintegrate after June 4.


The counting of votes for all the seven phases of polling for the Lok Sabha elections will be undertaken on June 4.

Addressing an election rally in support of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Sangam Lal Gupta at the Government Inter College Pratapgarh grounds here, Modi said the INDIA bloc wants to replace the stable NDA government and make five prime ministers in five years.

"Many things will happen after June 4. The INDI alliance will disintegrate and they will look for a scapegoat after the defeat." Modi took a jibe on Rahul Gandhi's statement of sending money "khata khat, khata khat" (quickly) in the account of women after coming to power.


"The Modi government will definitely be formed after June 4 but the INDI alliance will disintegrate 'khata khat, khata khat'," said the prime minister.

"These people will run away 'khata khat, khata khat' after the elections. Only we will remain. I guarantee that I will work day and night to serve you," he said.

In an apparent attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav, he said, "The shehzade (princes) of Lucknow and Delhi will leave for abroad on summer vacations," said Modi.


Commenting that running a country is not a play for those born with a golden spoon, Modi said, "They have gone from Amethi and will go even from Rae Bareli." The prime minister said, "The entire country is saying that the third term of this government will be more powerful." Modi said his every moment and every bit of his body will be in the name of the people.

He attacked the INDIA bloc leaders by saying they had questioned the bravery of the Army.

"What is their agenda? They are saying they will reinstate Article 370 in Kashmir. They will repeal the CAA law made by Modi... These people are appealing for 'vote jihad' against Modi," he said, referring to an SP leader's remarks.


Without taking names, Modi said a companion of the Congress' prince remarked that if their government is formed they will send Ram Lalla back to the tent again and will lock him. But these people are forgetting that it is impossible to happen under him and the country will force the people of this mentality to live in tents, he added.

Modi said the SP and Congress leaders will again go to Pakistan with bouquets of flowers and fly pigeons with them and asked the people to be cautious with them.

He said the Congress and INDIA bloc have been out of power for 10 years and their coffers of "black money" have become empty. Their eyes are on the country's treasury now, he added.


"The prince of the Congress is saying that they will get everyone's earnings investigated. They will confiscate your money and distribute it among their vote bank," he said.

Accusing the opposition parties of ruining the country before 2014, he said, "When the country became independent, it was the sixth largest economy in the world. These people caused such destruction that we reached number 11 from the sixth position." He claimed, "You gave Modi an opportunity to serve. We worked hard. Today we have brought the country's economy to number five in the world. If we form the government for the third time, we will make India the third largest economy in the world. This is Modi's guarantee." Enumerating schemes like toilets, housing and Ujjwala, he said the opposition questioned the development done in the country and they asked what was its need.

Modi said for the "princes" of the SP and the Congress, the development seems like children playing "gilli-danda".

"But these princes born in palaces have neither the habit of doing hard work nor of getting results," he said.

Modi asked the excited crowd shouting slogans, "Today the world is watching the glory of India. India's voice is heard in the world. India organises G20 with great success. India leaves the imprint of its tricolour on the Moon. So don't you feel proud of these successes?" Appealing for votes for the BJP candidate, he said, "Could you have imagined such success 10 years ago? Was there any such news except the scams worth thousands of crores?" Polling in Pratapgarh is in the fifth phase of Lok Sabha elections on May 25. PTI CDN CDN KSS KSS