Indian workers in Israel should be brought back immediately: Owaisi

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Hyderabad, Apr 12 (PTI) AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Friday demanded that the Indian workers who are currently in Israel should be brought back immediately.


He hit out at the NDA Government at the Centre alleging it is sending Indian workers to Israel even after an advisory by the same dispensation discouraging countrymen to go there citing safety.

In a series of posts on "X", Owaisi, also referring to a news article, asked why the Prime Minister Narendra Modi doesn't tell the country what the "prolonged situation" on the border is and how much territory was there that Indian soldiers were unable to patrol.

He further asked, whether Modi wants a return to "status quo ante" or seeks peace on China's terms.


"Modi govt has issued an advisory, asking Indians not to go to Israel. Why is India then sending Indians to Israel? If it's not safe, then why are Indians being sent to a deathtrap? Is @narendramodi taking personal responsibility for their security? Israel is in the middle of committing a genocide, it doesn’t care about the safety of poor Indians. The export of Indian workers should be stopped immediately, and those already there should be brought back," Owaisi said.

He further charged that whether it is Manipur or Ladakh or the China border, the PM Modi government has failed spectacularly and no amount of "spin, PR (public relations) and propaganda can hide the truth." China and India have made "positive progress" to resolve the border standoff, with both sides maintaining close communication through diplomatic and military channels, a senior foreign ministry official said here on Friday.

The Chinese Foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning's remarks were a further elaboration of China's reaction to Modi's recent statement in which he said ties with Beijing are important for New Delhi and the "prolonged situation" at the borders should be addressed urgently. PTI GDK SS