India's abstention from UN resolution on Israel-Hamas conflict ‘shocking’, says AIMIM chief Owaisi

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28 Oct 2023
New Update

Hyderabad, Oct 28 (PTI) AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Saturday said it is "shocking" that India abstained from the UN General Assembly resolution on the Israel-Hamas conflict and termed the abstention as "an inconsistent foreign policy" of the country.


In a message posted on "X", the Hyderabad MP said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the "Hamas attack", but couldn’t agree to a UN resolution seeking a truce.

"@narendramodi condemned the Hamas attack but couldn’t agree to a UN resolution seeking a truce. He spoke to the Jordanian King a few days ago, but abstained on a resolution that was introduced by Jordan. It is an inconsistent foreign policy," he said in the message.

"It is SHOCKING that @narendramodi govt abstained on the @UN resolution for a humanitarian truce & protection of civilian lives", Owaisi said.


India on Friday abstained from the UN General Assembly on a Jordanian-drafted resolution titled ‘Protection of civilians and upholding legal and humanitarian obligations’ that called for an immediate humanitarian truce in the Israel-Hamas conflict and unhindered humanitarian access in the Gaza strip.

According to Owaisi, as many as 7,028 people have been allegedly killed by Israel in Gaza and over 3,000 of them are children and 1,700 women.

He further said at least 45 per cent of housing in Gaza has been allegedly destroyed, displacing over 1.4 million people. Even in peacetime, Gazans face a complete blockade and have to depend on humanitarian aid. Things have only worsened since the war began.

"This is a HUMANITARIAN issue, not a political one. In abstaining on the resolution, India stands alone in the Global South, in South Asia & in BRICS. Why did India abstain on an issue concerning civilian life? After sending aid to Gaza, why abstain? What happened to “one world one family”? & “vishwaguru”?," Owaisi questioned PM Modi. PTI GDK KH