Jamiat Ulama Rajasthan condemns govt order for mass Surya Namaskar in schools

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Jaipur, Feb 12 (PTI) Jamiat Ulama Rajasthan has condemned the state government's order for mass Surya Namaskar in schools on February 15.


A resolution in this regard was moved in a meeting of the state working Committee of Jamiat Ulama Rajasthan which deemed it as unwarranted interference in religious matters and a violation of the freedom of religion enshrined in the Constitution, a release said.

Jamiat Ulama Rajasthan general secretary Maulana Abdul Wahid Khatri moved the resolution.

"The adopted resolution calls upon the Muslim community to refrain from sending their children to school on Surya Saptami, February 15, 2024, and to boycott the mandated event," the release said.


Simultaneously, various Muslim organisations, including Jamiat Ulama Rajasthan, have filed a joint petition in the Rajasthan High Court, seeking the annulment of the February 15 programme and the decision to make Surya Namaskar compulsory in schools.

Lawyer Zahoor Naqvi, representing Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, was present in the court. The hearing will be held on February 14.

The leaders from Jamiat Ulama across the state attended the meeting in Jaipur.


The resolution clarified that while Surya is revered as a deity in the Hindu society, the Muslims consider worshiping anyone other than Allah as forbidden.

Therefore, the Muslim Ummah vehemently rejects the imposition of such practices.

"Jamiat Ulama emphasizes that in a democratic nation, enforcing the beliefs of a particular religion on people of other faiths, especially children, under the pretext of yoga and physical practice, goes against constitutional principles. It is also considered a blatant violation of religious freedom and child rights," the release said.

The organisation also appealed to the state government to engage the Muslim community in discussions on yoga and practice-related issues to avoid unnecessary controversies.

It urged the government to withdraw the controversial order promptly to preserve the country's democratic fabric. PTI SDA AS AS