Janata Party-led govt indulged in such actions, current dispensation will meet its fate: Gehlot on cops at Rahul's doorstep

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19 Mar 2023

New Delhi, Mar 19 (PTI) Condemning Delhi Police's action against Rahul Gandhi, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Sunday said the current government will meet the fate of the erstwhile Janata Party-led dispensation which had to bite the dust as people responded strongly to its similar actions and re-elected Indira Gandhi.

The Delhi Police's action -- a notice to Gandhi and knock on his doors over his "women still being sexually assaulted" remark made during the Bharat Jodo Yatra -- came following instructions from higher-ups in the government, Gehlot told a press conference at the Congress headquarters.

Earlier, talking to reporters outside Gandhi's official residence here, he said the Delhi Police notice "reminds one of the times of Indira Gandhi when similar incidents had happened" and everyone saw the result.

At the press conference, he alleged that the Centre was setting new precedents with its actions and wondered if a state government led by a non-BJP party would slap cases on central ministers when they criticise it.

Adolf Hitler was very popular initially but everyone saw what happened to him thereafter, he said.

He alleged that "democracy in this country is in danger" and that the government was not just giving instructions to the police but was monitoring its actions as well.

"During Indira ji's time when the Janata Party rule had come, they indulged in such kind of activities and the people responded strongly and in 1980 Indira Gandhi got an overwhelming majority and returned to power," he said, adding that the same will happen again going by this government's actions.

A police team arrived at Gandhi's 12, Tughlaq Lane residence in the high-security area at around 10 am Sunday and was able to meet the Congress leader after two hours, officials said, adding it left at around 1 pm.

This was the third time that Gandhi was approached in this regard, the officials said, adding a notice with a questionnaire was sent to him earlier seeking details of victims who approached him about sexual harassment as the police wants to initiate a probe into the matter as soon as it gets the information.

Outside Gandhi's residence, Gehlot told reporters that Rahul Gandhi said he had received the notice and would respond, "but despite that the police went to his residence. (It) reminds of the time of Indira Gandhi. The incidents that happened during Indira Gandhi's time and everyone saw the result, when they had to bite the dust. Today's incident is not a small one." At the press conference later, he said, "...we will not allow this dictatorial attitude, we will go to the people." He also criticised the actions of investigation agencies and said, "Unfortunately, today the 'tandav' (aggressive moves) of ED, CBI and Income Tax that this government has created...the judiciary is under pressure, the CJI may say whatever, the pressure is on high courts and higher-ups and the world knows about it. The EC is under pressure. Then how will democracy survive." Gehlot said when MLAs and MPs go to other states and give statements on the state of affairs there, will the Rajasthan Police register cases against them.

"The precedent being set by them is such that when central ministers come and talk about rapes or casteism or untouchability, will our government register cases against central ministers like in Delhi or give them notices.... They are setting precedents in which they themselves will be caught," Gehlot said.

Noting that it is not possible for the Delhi Police to dare to display this kind of courage without the directions of the powers that be, he said there is no complaint.

How could the police dare to enter Gandhi's residence without any reason as he is a national leader and a former Congress president, Gehlot asked.

"It is probably happening for the first time. I condemn this," he told reporters at a press conference.

He asked whenever anyone talks about democracy and other things happening in the country, why does this government get so disturbed and rattled, and cited many writers and journalists being put in jails.

"The entire nation is living in tension," he alleged. PTI SKC SMN

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