Jharkhand Congress chief summoned by Delhi Police in case over Amit Shah's doctored video

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Amit Shah Rajesh Thakur

Amit Shah (L); Rajesh Thakur (R)

Ranchi: Jharkhand Congress president Rajesh Thakur was summoned by the Delhi Police on May 2 in connection with its investigation into the doctored video of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, a party spokesperson said on Wednesday.


Thakur has been asked to join the investigation at the Delhi Police's Intelligence Fusion & Strategic Operations (IFSO) office in connection with an FIR registered on April 28 by its Special Cell, he said.

"I received the notice from the Delhi Police on Tuesday. But, it is beyond my understanding why the notice was served to me. This is nothing but anarchy," Thakur said.

"If there is any complaint, they should first verify the content on my X account. The election campaign is at its peak and my involvement in the campaign could be understood. In such a situation, they have sought my laptop and other electronic gadgets. Sending summons without verifying the things is not appropriate," he added.


Thakur said he has sought legal opinion on the issue.

On Sunday, the Delhi Police’s Special Cell registered an FIR after the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C), which is under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), filed a complaint about the doctored video of Shah where his statements indicating a commitment to abolish quota for Muslims on religious ground in Telangana were changed to make it seem that he was advocating scrapping of all reservations.

On Tuesday, the Jharkhand BJP had also lodged a police complaint against two persons, alleging that they circulated the doctored video of Shah.

The complaint was lodged at the Argora police station in Ranchi against one Shailendra Hazra and Rupesh Rajak.