JK L-G inaugurates 'Sambhaav Utsav' and 'Hello J&K' in Delhi; initiatives to empower JK residents

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Manoj Sinha Jammu and Kashmir Sambhaav Utsav

Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha at 'Sambhaav Utsav' programme in New Delhi

New Delhi: Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Tuesday inaugurated 'Sambhaav Utsav', a unique convergence programme to showcase the vibrant cultural heritage of the Union Territory and opportunities in trade and tourism.

In a bid to further empower residents of Jammu and Kashmir, particularly youth and entrepreneurs, Sinha also inaugurated 'Hello J&K', a comprehensive platform that offers online and offline sessions covering education, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, tour and travel guidance, and safety and security.

The initiative aims to provide vital resources and support for the community, leveraging the J&K Resident Commission's strategic position in New Delhi.

Ahead of the Basant Panchami festival, the J&K Resident Commission in New Delhi is poised to unveil a series of innovative programmes aimed at enhancing support and connectivity for individuals hailing from the Union Territory, the commission said in a press release.

The 'Sambhaav Utsav' will serve as a platform for interdepartmental collaboration aimed at showcasing the multifaceted potential of Jammu and Kashmir.

"Collaborations with key sectors such as tourism, SC/ST Corporation, and agriculture seek to spotlight the diverse offerings of the region. Strategic partnerships with voluntary organisations and corporate sponsors, including SIDBI and J&K Bank Ltd, underscore the resident commission's commitment to the success of this endeavour," it added.

The programme will also feature collaborations with the J&K Art and Culture department, showcasing performances by artists and writers from the region. The Jammu and Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization (JKTPO) participation will spotlight local artisans and entrepreneurs, while tourism exhibitions will highlight adventure and heritage offerings. Agriculture collaborations will showcase the unique agricultural products of J&K, including basmati rice, honey, saffron, and kidney beans, it further said.

The commission is set to inaugurate new facilities tailored to the accommodation and operational needs of J&K officers and the staff. These include temporary lodging options for officers serving on deputation to the central government. The basement area of the J&K House in Chanakyapuri has been repurposed to lodge offices, a dispensary, and storage facilities. A fitness center has also been established at the J&K House on Prithviraj Road, catering to the convenience of guests staying at the Circuit House.

These initiatives underscore the commission's unwavering commitment to fostering connectivity, empowerment, and cultural exchange for the people of Jammu & Kashmir, both within the region and beyond, it said.

The commission, in an effort to create a two-way window, has initiated a platform that would facilitate information-sharing and building connections for the residents of Jammu and Kashmir/diaspora and those keen to connect with the region.

During 'Sambhaav Utsav' 40 artists and four writers have come from Jammu and Kashmir. Some lesser-known dance performances like 'paddari kharzath' from the Paddar area of Kishtwar district will be showcased. The known ones like 'Dogri Jagrana', a folk dance from Jammu, and Weeg Vachun Wanvun, a dance form of the Kashmiri Pandit community, will also be performed.

An art camp/artist corner is being organised in which over 15 visual artists are participating and there will also be Sufi music by Dilsher and his team from Jammu.

With a mission to promote and support local entrepreneurs and artisans, the JKTPO has facilitated the presence of over 10 exhibitors from different sectors, including handloom, handicrafts, and food processing. Products, including a diverse range, featuring ODOP items, handmade GI-tagged carpets, GI-tagged Pashmina shawls, silk sarees, chain stitches, authentic Kashmiri suits, paper machie and crewel wood carving items.

The other highlights are adventure tourism, tents, adventure care, winter sports equipment, heritage tourism, culture, display of vintage Kashmir, artefacts like samovar and pashmina spinning wheel.

Aromatically exquisite, slender-grained, and delicately flavoured GI-tagged long-grain rice hails from RS Pura, Jammu, Sulai Honey from Ramban district, Mushbudji rice from Anantnag and parts of Budgam, Kashmiri saffron and Bhaderwahi rajma will be displayed at the exhibition.

As part of the 'Hello J&K' initiative, a series of targeted webinars will be held. These sessions are designed to address the unique challenges faced by students from the region, providing them with essential guidance and support. These webinars leverage its strategic location to connect students with the nation’s top experts, ensuring a brighter future for the talented youth from Jammu and Kashmir.

Hello J&K focuses on organising webinars and physical sessions for Jammu and Kashmir's youth and entrepreneurs, offering guidance on skill development, start-ups, and funding. The interactions will help participants gain insights and resources essential for their entrepreneurial journey. The programme aims to enhance market access and connect artisans with domain experts for marketing and skill improvement, through both online and offline platforms. This approach is designed to empower artisans, enriching their craft and expanding their reach.

In-house doctors stationed at the J&K House, Chanakyapuri and other volunteer doctors have been roped in for periodic health check-ups and awareness programmes for promoting wellness and provide access to healthcare facilities and resources for physical as well as mental health to the people of J&K in New Delhi, especially youth. Organisations such as Art of Living of Sleep Well Foundation are also collaborating with the Wellness Theme.

The resident commission will assist in providing information regarding travel regulations, booking assistance, tour and itinerary planning, travel tips and guidance by facilitating a linkage of the people to the dedicated office of the tourism department in Delhi for a seamless experience.

Hello J&K will also facilitate linkages with the police control room for prompt redressal of safety, security and crime-related issues of the people of Jammu and Kashmir in the national capital.