Kannada mandatory on shop nameboards: Mangaluru City Corporation Commissioner

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Mangaluru (Karnataka) June 7 (PTI) The Commissioner of Mangaluru City Corporation has warned commercial establishments in the city that do not display nameboards written in Kannada, stating that they would have to face action as strict as cancellation of their licences.

In a directive sent to all commercial, industrial and business enterprises, trusts, counselling centres, hospitals, laboratories, entertainment centres and hotels on Friday, Corporation Commissioner Anand C L has directed that Kannada letters must cover 60 per cent of the space on the nameboards. “It is a government policy and there are no concessions” he informed them.

“The complaints received from the public about some businessmen installing nameplates in English in violation of the said order are being seriously considered. Therefore, henceforth it has been made mandatory for all the entrepreneurs under the corporation to use Kannada at the top of their business shop nameplates” In case of failure, the business license issued by the corporation will be cancelled without any warning, the Commissioner said in the announcement. PTI CORR AMP ANE