Kerala-based hospital develops mobile app to support individuals suffering from swallowing disorders

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28 Oct 2023
New Update

Kochi, Oct 28 (PTI) Kochi-based Amrita hospital has launched a mobile application 'SWALLO', designed to support individuals suffering from swallowing disorders (dysphagia).


The mobile application was officially launched as part of the ongoing global conference called Dysphagia 2023 at the hospital.

Hospital authorities said the application offers interactive video-based therapy sessions with medical experts, allowing patients easy access to therapeutic interventions without the need for daily hospital visits.

Dysphagia is a challenging condition affecting the ability to swallow food and fluids across any age group.

"The application also features live interactive sessions with the doctor on appointment. This is available in Malayalam with English subtitles and eventually for all Indian languages," the hospital said in a release.

"This groundbreaking app aims to enhance the lives of those living with dysphagia by providing valuable support and guidance from medical experts. SWALLO comes at a crucial time, as Amrita Swallow Centre has already provided support to over 3,000 dysphagia patients in 2023 alone," said Dr Subramania Iyer, chairman, Amrita Swallow Centre. PTI RRT RRT KH