Kerala CM accuses influential figures of promoting irrational ideas

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Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 15 (PTI) Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday alleged that people in influential positions are promoting irrational ideas, while he underscored the importance of fostering a generation with scientific awareness, as they are the ones who can lead the nation forward.


Speaking after inaugurating the Global Science Festival Kerala (GSFK) at the Bio 360 Life Sciences Park in Thonnackal, the chief minister took an apparent dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had urged people to bang utensils together in an expression of gratitude to health workers at the forefront of the coronavirus fight during its outbreak in the country in 2020.

He said that bringing up a generation with scientific awareness cannot be achieved by banging utensils or lighting torches.

"When such false ideas are spread by influential figures, those involved in science have a social responsibility to provide a logical and scientific explanation that exposes their falsehood," Vijayan said.


The chief minister also said that the public must be made aware to stand up against divisive thoughts, harmful traditions, ideas of hatred, and superstitions.

The chief minister pointed out that the Constitution grants every Indian citizen the right to defend and raise awareness to safeguard science.

Genuine patriots should embrace this responsibility, as Article 51 of the Constitution emphasises the importance of fostering scientific intelligence, Vijayan said.


"However, some individuals who swore to uphold the constitution make irrational statements that undermine scientific intelligence," the chief minister said.

He said Kerala is fulfilling its constitutional responsibilities, especially in times when many such nonsensical ideas are being spread.

A notable example is the Global Science Festival, he added.

State Finance Minister K N Balagopal presided over the function. PTI TGB TGB ANE