Kerala CM, LoP welcome bail to Kejriwal from SC

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Thiruvananthapuram, May 10 (PTI) Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Leader of Opposition in the state assembly V D Satheesan on Friday welcomed the interim bail given to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal by the Supreme Court till June 1 to campaign in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.


Vijayan said the order was a "resolute response to the BJP's covert attempts to undermine democracy through abuse of power", while Satheesan termed it as a setback and a "slap on the face" of the Sangh Parivar's "revenge politics".

Vijayan, in a statement issued by his office, said the verdict would leave a "lasting impact on the nation's democratic fabric and shape the outcome of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections".

He further said that the BJP's move to imprison a chief minister for opposing the central government undermined democratic principles and pointed out that it was impossible for authoritarian regimes to perpetually stifle dissent.


In a post on social media platform X, the Kerala CM said the apex court order might impact the ongoing general elections, leading to a resounding victory of the democratic forces.

"It is a strong reminder that no authoritarian regime can prevail long by suppressing dissent.

"Sangh Parivar has sabotaged the basic democratic principles by detaining an elected CM, and the verdict is a blow to the vicious attempts by this regime to make electoral gains by blatant breach of power, fanning communal hatred and unleashing investigative agencies to hunt down the oppositional voices," the Marxist veteran said on X.


He also criticised the Narendra Modi government for its alleged reluctance to engage directly with the electorate.

Vijayan said the Supreme Court's ruling exposed the fallacy of the BJP's alleged belief that public sentiment could be manipulated through divisive tactics and suppression of opposition voices.

He said the top court decision not only invalidated the central government's alleged questionable actions but also cautioned against the misuse of agencies like the ED for political ends.


Satheesan in his statement alleged that the Sangh Parivar thinks that dictatorship can be established by overthrowing democracy.

"However, the judiciary is above any dictator. Court judgments and observations underline it. A setback for revenge politics is a victory for democracy," he said.

Satheesan further said that the top court's decision will give more confidence and energy to the INDIA bloc.

He also claimed that the people will deal a heavy blow to Modi and his team, who are allegedly spewing communal hatred.

Kejriwal will have to surrender on June 2 and go back to jail. PTI HMP HMP ROH