Kerala domestic violence case: Victim does U-turn, denies allegations against husband

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Kozhikode (Kerala), Jun 10 (PTI) The sensational Pantheerankavu domestic violence case took a dramatic turn on Monday with the victim claiming that all accusations levelled against her husband were fabricated and false.

In a video uploaded on social media, the woman sought forgiveness from her husband Rahul P Gopal and his family and regretted telling "lies" before the police and the media.

The woman had earlier accused the police in Pantheerankavu, where her matrimonial home is located, of not registering a case of attempted murder, despite her complaint clearly stating that her husband tried to strangle her using a mobile phone charging cable.

The woman's family had also alleged that Rahul assaulted and attempted to kill her following an argument over dowry, barely a week after their wedding on May 5.

"I had told a lot of lies in front of the media and the police. I regret what I have done. I regret it a lot because I told a lot of lies about Rahul, who loved me and took care of me. I should not have done that. I levelled false allegations against him. It was my fault," she said in the video that was telecast by the news channels.

The victim also claimed that she had told her family that she was not willing to lie, but didn't get any moral support.

"They asked me to lie that I was assaulted in the name of dowry. All the allegations against him were false. I was totally confused and acted according to my parents, who brainwashed me. They even threatened to commit suicide," she alleged.

Retracting the statements made earlier, the woman said neither Rahul nor his family had demanded dowry, and the allegations were levelled because the lawyer asked her to do so in order to strengthen the case.

"Actually, it was Rahul who paid for the marriage expenses," she said.

She also recalled that the couple had a minor fight days after the marriage, but her family created an issue.

"I thought I could go back to his house in a day or two. But my family lodged a complaint. I said everything because my parents forced me to." she said while expressing her guilt.

The in-laws of the bride had earlier rejected the charge that they had demanded dowry.

Facing a probe into the case, Rahul had left the country, prompting the police to approach Interpol to issue a Blue Corner notice against him.