Kerala man abandons bed-ridden father in rented house, human rights panel and police register case

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Kochi, May 11 (PTI) A bedridden, elderly man was found abandoned by his son in a rented house without food and medicine for two days in Tripunithura in Kochi on Saturday.


The 70-year-old man, Shanmughan, was found in a room by the house-owner and neighbours, who later informed the police about his plight.

They also served him food and water and took steps to provide him with emergency medical care.

The other household articles were found shifted from the rented house by the son and his family but the father and his medical equipment were left there, local people said.


Sunil, the owner of the house, said there had been a dispute between the son and the two daughters of Shanmughan about his treatment and care.

He said he also had to complain to the police recently about getting the rent due.

"What Ajith, Shanmughan's son, told everyone was that his sisters would take care of the father. It was the neighbourhood people who told me that he shifted all articles from this rented house except his father," the house owner told the media.


Reshma V R, sub-inspector of Hill Palace Police station who reached here after being informed by local people, confirmed that there has been issues between Ajith and his sisters over the treatment expense of their father.

"He (Ajith) had not even allowed his sisters to see the father. But he was not keen to meet the medical expenses of the father by his own. We talked to them and tried to resolve the issues several times," she said.

The woman officer said though they tried to contact the son, he was telling about various locations and so steps would be taken to trace him with the help of the cyber wing.


She said the elderly man was not in a position to do even his primary needs without others help.

"Stringent action would be taken against the son for abandoning such a bedridden man without food and medicine," the officer added.

As the media widely reported the news, authorities shifted the bedridden man to the nearby taluk hospital.


Health and Social Justice Minister Veena George said Shanmughan would be provided adequate treatment and care.

In a statement, she said the man has been shifted to the Tripunithura taluk hospital and his further care would be ensured with the support of the Social Justice Department.

The State Human Rights Commission swiftly intervened in the matter and registered a case on its own based on media reports.


Commission Member V K Beena Kumari directed the police to submit a report within 10 days in this regard after conducting a probe.

Later in the day, Hill Palace police registered a case against the accused son under the sections of Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act.

Police said sections of IPC would be added in the case if needed after a comprehensive probe into the matter.

The elderly man, who was given treatment in the hospital, was later shifted to a nearby orphanage, police added. PTI LGK KH