Law Minister Meghwal lauds Ambedkar for giving equal voting rights to women

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09 Nov 2023
New Update

New Delhi, Nov 9 (PTI) Union Law Minister Arjun Meghwal lauded B R Ambedkar and 15 women members who were involved in framing the Constitution for giving equal voting rights to women.


Speaking at an event organised by the National Coimmission for Women (NCW), Meghwal said India can become a leader in "actions of justice area" too along with other areas where India has emerged as a global leader.

He also lauded the women involved in framing the Constitution. "When the topic of women's rights came up in the Constitution, some women demanded the right to vote together with men. However, there were some members who said, 'Democracy came to England first, but voting rights were given to men first, and women got them later, 100 years later. The same happened in America; democracy came first, but women got their voting rights later.' "I want to thank B R Ambedkar who said....'Try something new; this won't cost any budget. You are saying, How will women use voting rights if men dictate? It might be true, but in the future, awareness will rise. If you want to become a leader of Asian and African countries, grant voting rights together," he said Meghwal also congratulated Chief Justice of India D Y chandrachud for completing one year in office.

"Today the CJI completed one year and we can also say that CJI ek saal bemisaal. It has been a fabulous year," he said. PTI UZM MNK UZM MNK MNK