Leverage cutting-edge tech to better deliver government services: PMO official

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New Delhi, Apr 22 (PTI) Digital revolution has presented unprecedented opportunities to enhance efficiency, transparency and responsiveness of government services, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister Pramod Kumar Mishra said on Monday.


Addressing the Central Training Institution Workshop, Mishra stressed on the need to change the structure of training imparted to civil servants and said capacity-building initiatives will have to go beyond traditional training structures to meet the challenges of the changing times.

"The transformation of governance will happen only when the right attitude and skills reach every employee," he said, adding that the digital revolution has presented unprecedented opportunities to enhance efficiency, transparency and responsiveness of government services.

"From e-learning platforms and virtual classrooms to data analytics and artificial intelligence, we must leverage cutting-edge technologies to empower our civil servants and optimise decision-making processes," he said.


At the outset, Mishra highlighted that India is standing at a pivotal juncture in its journey towards socio-economic development and global prominence.

He said the government's focus is on good governance, citizen-centricity, future readiness and performance enhancement.

Mishra said the overall approach of capacity building must be imbued with citizen centricity at its core and every aspect and component of capacity building must be examined for its relevance, not only in the present context but also keeping in mind the long-term goals and vision of Viksit Bharat at 2047.


The capacity-building ecosystem should ensure that civil servants are prepared to partner with and add to this growth trajectory, he said.

"For today's aspirational India, the government has to be a facilitator. From a regulator we have to become a supporter. And for this, the deep-rooted beliefs and attitudes have to be changed. As custodian of a vast human resource, for the government of India, this is the biggest challenge," he said.

Mishra said training institutes can help realise this idea of creation of a capacity building ecosystem that will deliver on the vision of Viksit Bharat.


"Each of them brings strengths and expertise which can be valuable for the entire bureaucracy. Hence, there remains scope to create a more harmonious capacity-building ecosystem," Mishra said, adding that the capacity-building ecosystem needs system-level strengthening.

"Many of our civil servants perform exceptionally well today, but an institutional and well-considered approach to capacity building can enable every civil servant to shine and perform optimally," he stated.

Mishra said that the Capacity Building Commission (CBC) is developing the 'Karmayogi Competency Model', an indigenous Public Human Resource Management Framework to harmonise definition and understanding of competencies.

The CBC is also developing the Amrit Gyaan Kosh, which will be a repository of the best practices of public administration in the form of case studies and other material used for training in institutes, he said.

Mishra urged the training institutes to embrace quality improvement in their training design. PTI SKU SKU SZM