Lok Sabha poll result personal, moral defeat of PM who sought mandate in his name: CWC

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New Delhi, Jun 8 (PTI) Lauding the party's performance in the Lok Sabha polls, the Congress Working Committee on Saturday said the result was not just a political loss but a personal and moral defeat of the prime minister who sought a mandate in his name.

People decisively rejected the type of governance witnessed over the past decade, it said.

Two resolutions were adopted at the crucial Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting, with one unanimously requesting Rahul Gandhi to accept the position of Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha.

In the second resolution adopted at the meeting during which the top leadership assessed the Lok Sabha polls outcome, the CWC said the verdict was clearly against the undermining of democracy and democratic institutions since 2014.

The Congress' top decision-making body also said it took note of the party's disappointing performance in some states and called for urgent steps to address the shortcomings.

"This meeting of the CWC congratulates the people of our country for voting so powerfully to preserve our democracy, protect the republic's Constitution and enhance social and economic justice. They have decisively rejected both the substance and style of governance over the past decade," one of the resolutions adopted during the meeting said.

"The verdict of the people is not just a political loss but a personal and moral defeat for the prime minister who sought the mandate in his name and ran a campaign anchored in lies, hate, prejudice, divisiveness and extreme bigotry. The verdict of the people is clearly against the undermining of democracy and democratic institutions that has taken place since 2014," it said.

The CWC also thanked the country's people for placing the Congress firmly on the revival path.

"... leaders and workers persevered. People across the country have infused new life into the Congress for which it is truly grateful," it said.

The resolution also said the party fought a "superb" campaign, the heart of which was a "vigorous defence of our republic's Constitution" and the provisions for reservations for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes.

"We provided a clear alternative political, economic and social vision. The campaign had a distinctive pro-poor focus and highlighted the urgent need for a nationwide socio-economic caste census to deepen social justice and empowerment and for addressing the demands of youth and farmers immediately," it said.

Noting that the CWC would be remiss if it did not acknowledge four stalwarts who spearheaded the party's campaign, it said, "The sheer energy and determination of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge was an inspiration to everyone in the party. He was bold and fearless both in Parliament and outside." Commanding such wide respect, he led from the front and shaped the party's campaign in the most effective manner, it said.

"The chairperson of the Congress Parliamentary Party Sonia Gandhi was always available for guidance, advice and support and her interventions at key moments of the campaign made a big difference," the resolution said.

"The campaign across the country but particularly in Uttar Pradesh, of AICC (All India Congress Committee) General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was nothing short of brilliant. She exposed the BJP relentlessly in a most telling manner and communicated the Congress' own key messages very powerfully," it added.

Lauding Rahul Gandhi's role, the CWC said the former party chief has to be singled out largely because of the Bharat Jodo Yatra and the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra.

These yatras that reflected his own thinking and personality were historic "turning points in our nation's politics and instilled hope and confidence in our workers and voters", it said.

"Rahul Gandhi's election campaign was single-minded, sharp and pointed and, more than any other individual, it was he who made the protection of our republic's Constitution the central issue in the 2024 elections. The Paanch Nyay-Pachees Guarantee programme which resonated so very powerfully in the election campaign was the outcome of Rahul ji's yatras," the resolution said.

The CWC also recognised the "brave fight" put up by the candidates who lost and, while sharing their disappointment, extended good wishes to them.

"The CWC thanks the INDIA parties for fighting so well in different states. INDIA parties in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra especially performed exceedingly well. The 18th Lok Sabha will be influenced hugely by the INDIA parties," the resolution said.

"The CWC would be failing in its duty if it did not take note of the disappointing performance of the Congress in some states in the midst of its overall revival and rejuvenation. Urgent steps should and will be taken to address the shortcomings in the states where the party had every reason to hope for a better result but where that expectation was not fulfilled," it added.

Expressing happiness at the Congress' electoral turnaround and acknowledging the challenges that remain, the CWC said, "We have recovered and revived no doubt but we still have a long way to go to occupy the pre-eminent position the party once held in the nation's political life. The people of India have spoken -- the Congress has been given another chance. It is now up to us to build on it. We must and we will. That is the solemn resolve of this meeting of the CWC." PTI ASK/SKC SKC SZM