Mandaviya meets G20 Affordable and Accessible summit series delegation

NewsDrum Desk
05 Aug 2023

New Delhi, Aug 5 (PTI) Union minister Manuskh Mandaviya met the delegation of G20 Affordable and Accessible summit series team led by Dr Srinibabu Gedela, CEO of Pulsus Group which is leading the global scale event.


The minister lauded the initiative and extended his support, a statement by the Pulsus Group said. The meeting took place on Thursday.

"The series aims to magnify India's instrumental role in elevating medical tourism and emphasise the 'one family, one earth' principle, that is, pursuing affordable and accessible healthcare for all G20 countries which collectively account for approximately 80 per cent of the global gross product, 75 per cent of international trade, two-thirds of the world's population, and 60 per cent of the world's land area," a statement by the Pulsus Group said.

"Accessibility and affordability in healthcare are more than just terms; they are the lifelines of society. It is our unwavering responsibility to ensure these lifelines extend to every individual, no matter their geographical or financial limitations," Mandaviya said. The series also places a significant emphasis on fostering startups and linking them with potential investors and mentors to stimulate innovative solutions, the statement said.


"The summit series manifests our commitment to rendering healthcare more accessible, affordable, and equitable. It is invigorating to unite world leaders, healthcare professionals, and innovators on this transformative journey," affirmed Dr K Laxman, member of the Rajya Sabha, who was also present at the meeting.

The summit series, spread across the vibrant cities of the G20 nations, aims to spotlight the vital aspects of affordable and accessible healthcare while also underscoring India's influential role in this crucial worldwide cause.

As part of the Health20 initiative, the Healthcare Summit Series is scheduled to transpire in cosmopolitan cities like Frankfurt, Tokyo, Toronto, New York, Beijing, London, Vienna, Cape Town, Rome, Paris, Riyadh, Bali, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Istanbul, and several prominent Indian cities, including New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Vizag.

The summit series will culminate on December 11 and 12. PTI PLB SRY SRY