Many WB universities decide to introduce exit option after 3 years in UG level

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Kolkata: After the introduction of four-year honours system in the UG level, several varsities in West Bengal have decided to introduce the option for exiting after three years in major disciplines for those students who want to graduate without an honours as per the New Education Policy 2020 guidelines.

As per the guidelines of NEP 2020, the UGC in its recommendations referred to an option where a student can either exit three years after pursuing the Bachelor of Honours course in major subjects as a graduate or complete the four year course to qualify as an honours graduate. Those who study further can get an honours degree or an 'honours with research'.

State-run Calcutta University Pro-Vice Chancellor Ashis Chatterjee told PTI Wednesday "We have made an exit option for those students who want to opt out after three years in certain BA, BSc courses and for those who want to complete it in four years."

To a question, he said "we have passed on the communication to all the affiliate colleges for keeping the exit option for an honours student after three years if he/she desires so and alternately to continue with the four-year format".

The Vice-Chancellor of St Xavier's University Father Felix Raj told PTI, "We have kept the option for a student to either go for exit option after three years and opt for a two-year masters degree afterwards or complete the four-year honours with one year master's course. They can also complete four year honours with research in one project and then opt for one year PhD, he added.

"A student having scored 75 per cent or above in first six semesters may opt for honours with research after completion of three year course - i.e. in the fourth year and can then go for the PhD, or complete the four year course," he said.

Calcutta University (CU) was also considering the option, but without making any announcement whereas Jadavpur University (JU) has yet to commit to the option, fearing inadequate infrastructure.

A Presidency University official said while students were expected to go through the four year honours course, if they have any problem to continue after three years the university have kept the option ready to let them go and they can graduate in chosen discipline without pursuing the honours degree.

The Presidency university will also give the opportunity to a student to opt for honours with research in the fourth year and then straightway take up the PhD in the research subject, he added.