Modi has accepted Adani-Ambani have amassed black money: Gehlot

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Jaipur, May 8 (PTI) Congress leader Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his insinuating that Rahul Gandhi had taken money for not taking names of industrialists in his election speeches, saying Modi with his remark had conceded that "Adani-Ambani" amassed black money.


Gehlot said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been struggling for the truth for a long time and truth will win eventually.

Modi in an election rally had asked why Rahul stopped taking the names of Adani and Ambani in his attacks and wondered whether he had received money from these industrialists.

"Well, the Prime Minister has openly revealed that Adani-Ambani have immense amounts of black money which he could not dare to touch in 10 years," Gehlot said on X.

"Now, Modi ji should also tell that before today, at whose place were the sacks and tempos filled with currency notes emptied?" he said.

The former Rajasthan chief minister said, "Rahul Gandhi has been struggling for the truth for a long time. The ultimate victory is of truth. Justice and truth will prevail on June 4." The seven-phase Lok Sabha elections are still underway and their results will be declared on June 4. PTI AG VN VN VN VN