Motorcycle display on 'Naari Shakti' in Republic Day parade

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Motorcycle display on Naari Shakti Republic Day Parade

New Delhi: Exhibiting the prowess of 'Nari Shakti', 265 women on motorcycles performed various stunts to showcase bravery, valour and determination during the 75th Republic Day parade here on Friday.


Women personnel of the Central Armed Police Force deployed across the length and breadth of the nation provide 'Sarvatra Suraksha', read a message of unity and inclusiveness at the Kartavya Path during the parade.

The women bikers of the CRPF, BSF and SSB exhibited the strength of Indian values, including yoga.

The 'commandant abhivadan' display was carried out by Assistant Commandant Seema Nag. It was followed by a display of 'Lakshita' by HC Rita Bisht and seven others.


'Sarvatra Suraksha' was displayed by CT Amandeep Kaur and 25 others armed with the latest weaponry.

Inspector Promila Sethi and 21 others showcased the tech edge of the forces while CT Anupam with 15 others represented women deployed on the borders providing security.

Exhibiting 'Naari Shakti', Inspector Sehnaaz Khatoon and 13 other personnel represented women deployed in the hinterland of the country.


Three different teams led by Inspector Soniya Banwri, CT Anita Bharti, and CT Rekhan performed different poses of yoga while riding the bikes demonstrating balance and giving the message of a disciplined lifestyle and mental prowess.

Exhibiting the power of 'Sadhna', CT Shivleela with nine other personnel performed beam rolls on moving bikes and CT VijetaBmale Rao with 18 other personnel demonstrated oneness of thought and action.

Inspector Himanshu Sirohi and two other personnel balanced on a ladder on moving motorcycles symbolising Indian women's aim of reaching great heights.

Teams led by Inspector Monika Sharma, CT Neelam Grave, CT Poonam, CT Shaikh Kajal Ilahi, CT Sachi Pandey and CT Vandana Yadav also performed various stunts.