NCPCR summons Bihar chief secretary over madrasas

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New Delhi, Feb 19 (PTI) The apex child rights body NCPCR has summoned the Bihar chief secretary over unsatisfactory response to its queries related to mapped and unmapped madrasas in the state.

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has intensified its scrutiny of the utilisation of state funds for education in Bihar, focusing on the operations of madrasas.

The chef secretary has been summoned to appear before the commission at 3 pm on February 22 to provide point-wise information on its inquiries along with all related documents.

The notice has been issued by the NCPCR regarding the compliance of the state with the Right to Education (RTE) Act, particularly Section 2(u), which defines the scope of educational institutions.

It emphasized the constitutional duty of the state to ensure the provision of education, highlighting the significance of enrolling children in accredited schools as opposed to madrasas.

The commission expressed dissatisfaction with the response provided by the chef secretary, stating that the reply did not sufficiently address the concerns raised. As a result, further documentation and information were demanded.

An affidavit confirming that no madrasa operates in Bihar without a unique district information system for education (UDISE) code is among the documents sought.

Additionally, details regarding non-Muslim children attending madrasas in Bihar are requested, along with the number of non-Muslim children who have completed the highest level of education (equivalent to 12th grade) in madrasas, the notice read.

Furthermore, the commission seeks the number of non-Muslim children who have attained the status of Maulvis after completing requisite courses in madrasas.

The commission also issued notices to UNICEF and NCERT regarding the curriculum adopted by madrasas. PTI UZM SMN SMN