'Need to simplify science through films which media can do effectively'

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22 Jan 2023

Bhopal, Jan 22 (PTI) Scientists, academicians and filmmakers on Sunday called for the need to simplify science through the medium of films and said media has a big role to play in it as it has a great impact on the masses and the power to change the society.

They were speaking on 'India's G20 Priorities and Role of Science Films' during the International Science Film Festival of India organised under the 8th India International Science Festival (IIFS)-2022 here.

"Media has a great impact on the masses, and it has the power to change society. It can effectively promote clean environment, sustainability and women empowerment by making films on these relevant issues, which can help in spreading awareness and finding solutions to the existing problems," Amity scientist and Group Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research and Development) Dr Tanu Jindal said.

Co-chairing the panel discussion, Jindal said that there are many technologies which are not known to the masses, therefore promoting those technologies is crucial and the media can immensely help in doing so.

Senior science communicator and author Neha Tripathi said science should be simplified through the medium of films so that the masses can easily understand the technologies and the underlying concepts.

Senior journalist and head of Hindi department at Deutsche Welle (DW) in Germany, Mahesh Jha, said, "We need journalists and filmmakers for making science films and more young journalists should come forward for the promotion of science and technology." "To be a science communicator, one does not have to be a commercial filmmaker. Science communicators themselves are scientists and making science films is the need of the hour to spread awareness in the society about burning issues," said Jalal-ud-Din Baba, senior filmmaker, Center for Environment & Sustainable Development in Srinagar.

Participating in the panel discussion, Jaya Jose Raj CL, senior filmmaker, Kerala State Biodiversity Board in Thiruvananthapuram, said, "G20 prioritises science and technology for economic development. The pandemic and Ukraine war have impacted the world economy, therefore meaningful films which can influence policy-making, should be made in order to bring a revolutionary change in the society." PTI MAS NP NP

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