No peace in Manipur even after one year, rues RSS chief Bhagwat; stresses on unity, brotherhood

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Nagpur, Jun 10 (PTI) Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat on Monday expressed concern over peace eluding Manipur even after one year and said the situation in the strife-torn north eastern state must be considered with priority.

Addressing a gathering of RSS trainees at the concluding programme of organisation's 'Karyakarta Vikas Varg- Dwitiya' at the Dr Hedgewar Smriti Bhavan premises in Reshimbagh here, he said conflict in various places and in society is not good.

Bhagwat stressed on unity among all communities in the country, which he said was very diverse though people understand it is one and not separate.

He emphasised the need to get over with election rhetoric and focus on problems facing the nation.

"Manipur is waiting for peace for the last one year. There was peace in Manipur 10 years ago. It felt like gun culture had finished there. But the state has suddenly seen violence," he said.

"The situation in Manipur will have to be considered with priority. There is need to get over election rhetoric and focus on problems facing the nation," the RSS chief asserted.

The unrest either got triggered or was triggered, but Manipur is burning and people are facing its extreme heat, the RSS chief said.

Manipur plunged into violence between the Meitei and Kuki communities in May last year. Since then some 200 people have been killed, while thousands have been displaced following large scale arson that has gutted homes and government buildings.

Fresh violence has been reported from Jiribam over the past few days.

Speaking about the recently held Lok Sabha polls, Bhagwat said results were out and a government had been formed so unnecessary talk on what and how it happened etc can be avoided.

The RSS does not get involved in such discussions of "kaise hua, kya hua", he said, adding that the organisation only does its duty of creating awareness on the need to vote.

He stressed on the need for consensus between the ruling side and the opposition so that work for common good (of the masses) can be carried out.

Polls are to gain majority and it is a competition and not war, Bhagwat pointed out.

Political parties and leaders bad-mouthing each other are not taking into account that these may cause rifts among communities, he said and lamented that even the RSS was being dragged into it without any reason.

There are always two sides in an election but there should be dignity about not resorting to lies to win, the RSS chief asserted.

Lies were spread using technology (an apparent reference to deepfakes etc), he added.

Bhagwat also raised concerns over road rage incidents taking place in the country.

"Indian society is diverse but everyone knows it is one society and they also accept its diversity. Everyone should walk ahead unitedly and respect each other's way of worship," he said, adding there were distances among people due to continued injustice over thousands of years.

Invaders came to India and brought with them their ideology, which a few followed, but its fine that the country's culture does not get affected by this ideology, he said.

He said the goodness and humanity in religions like Islam and Christianity must be embraced and adherents of all faiths must respect each other as brothers and sisters.

Everyone must go ahead believing that this nation is ours and that all those who are born on this land are our own, Bhagwat said.

The thinking by some that only these foreign ideologies are true is what must be done away with, the RSS chief asserted.

Emphasising that one must forget the past and accept all as one's own, he said casteism must be thrown out completely.

He asked RSS functionaries to work towards social harmony in the society.

The RSS chief also spoke on gun culture, family values, culture as well as climate issues and conservation of the environment. PTI CLS ND VT BNM