'NordicsInIndia' hold workshops on circular, bio-based economy

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New Delhi, May 27 (PTI) In a bid to explore research and innovative collaboration opportunities, the Nordic-India Innovation Partnership Project (NordicsInIndia) on Friday held theme-based workshops under sustainable, circular and bio-based economy.

The project, funded by Nordic Council of Ministers, Pune University and Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre, aims to promote and showcase Nordic research-based innovations and solutions to encourage a green transition in India, said the organisers in a statement. NordicsInIndia builds collaboration among the science and technology counsellors at the four Nordic embassies -- Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden -- with Norway as coordinator. The Nordic Centre in India is facilitating this event on behalf of NordicsinIndia.

"The workshops in Bengaluru catered to the strong need to set up research collaborations among leading research agencies and universities from Nordic countries and India to develop next-generation circular economy solutions and added value for the society that can be tested in local conditions," said Maan Singh Sidhu, coordinator of the project NordicsInIndia.

A similar workshop was also held in Pune on Thursday.

According to Ambassador of Sweden to India Klas Molin, the Swedish government's innovation partnership programmes are designed to help find innovative solutions to the societal challenges of today and tomorrow.  "A shift to a circular economy is a priority area in the Sweden-India Joint Innovation Partnership for a Sustainable Future and a key component of our joint quest for green recovery," said the Ambassador in a statement.  The invited stakeholders in the workshop included government authorities, leading companies, and key research and technical institutes with an ambition to establish relationships and joint innovation and research projects.  Earlier this year, Prof K VijayRaghavan, former principal scientific advisor to the government, had chaired a high-level 'Science and Innovation Dialogue' on sustainable, circular, and bio-based economy to provide a platform for peer-to-peer discussions in innovation, technology, policy for experts from the government, academia, and industry from India and Nordic countries.