Odisha trader crafts miniature Lord Jagannath chariot from matchsticks, discarded wood

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Berhampur (Odisha), Jul 7 (PTI) On the occasion of Rath Yatra on Sunday, a Berhampur-based businessman unveiled an exquisite piece of eco-friendly artistry - a miniature chariot and deity of Lord Jagannath, meticulously crafted from matchsticks and discarded wood.

This intricate replica of Lord Jagannath's 'Nandighosh' chariot stands as a testament not only to his remarkable craftsmanship but also to his unwavering commitment to environmental conservation.

The miniature Nandighosh, crafted by 47-year-old Satya Narayan Moharana, stands three inches tall and two inches wide, with the deity measuring just one inch in height.

Moharana replicated all the elements of the chariot, including 16 wheels, four horses, and a charioteer (sarathi). Except for the wheels, which are made from discarded wood, the entire chariot and its components were constructed using matchsticks. The artiste used gum to connect the sticks and watercolours to paint the deity and other parts of the chariot to make them look vibrant.

"By making this sculpture, I want to give a message to society to celebrate the eco-friendly Rath Yatra without using banned plastic items," said Moharana. A businessman by profession, he has been making miniature chariots and deities of Lord Jagannath for the Rath Yatra for the past 10 years.

In previous years, he has used materials such as gambhari and sal wood, old newspapers, bamboo, ice-cream sticks, and shirt buttons to construct his miniature chariots.

"Every year, I make the miniature Nandighosh chariot using common and discarded items. Through this, I want to spread the message to celebrate the festival in an eco-friendly manner," he added.

Sudhir Rout, a green activist, praised Moharana's efforts to promote the non-use of plastic materials through his artworks during Rath Yatra and other festivals over the past few years. PTI COR BBM BBM MNB