'Offered biscuit to dog owner to feed it': Rahul Gandhi on viral video

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Rahul Gandhi on Dog Feeding viral video

Gumla" Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said he offered a biscuit to a dog owner to feed the animal after it refused to eat from his hands.


His clarification came after a video showing him offering a biscuit rejected by a dog to a person went viral on social media, with BJP leaders alleging this was how he treated workers of his party.

"The dog was nervous and shivering... When I gave it a biscuit, the dog got scared. Then, I gave the biscuit to the owner, saying it will eat from your hand. Then, the owner gave it and the dog ate the biscuit. Then, what is the issue?" Gandhi told reporters when queried about it.

"I don't understand what is the BJP's obsession with the dog?" Gandhi added.


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Monday night reacted to the viral video, with a post on X, saying, "... Not only Rahul Gandhi but the entire family could not make me eat that biscuit. I am a proud Assamese and Indian. I refused to eat and resign from the Congress."