On 75th Republic Day, PM Modi wears multi-coloured 'bandhani' turban

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose a multi-coloured 'bandhani' print safa for his Republic Day look on Friday

New Delhi: Continuing his tradition of wearing flamboyant and colourful turbans, Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose a multi-coloured 'bandhani' print safa for his Republic Day look on Friday.

Bandhani is a type of tie-dye textile popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The fabric is decorated by plucking the cloth with fingernails into many tiny bindings that form a figurative design.

He wore a white kurta-pyjama with a brown V-neck jacket. The turban with a long trail had shades of yellow, saffron, pink and red.

Rajasthani turbans have been a popular choice of the prime minister for his Independence Day and Republic Day looks.

Last year too, Modi wore a multi-coloured Rajasthani turban and complemented it with pants and a kurta. Later that year, on the 77th Independence Day, he opted for a vibrant Rajasthani-style turban, with multiple colours and a lengthy tail.

In 2019, Modi sported a multi-coloured turban as he gave his sixth Independence Day speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort after returning to power for a second term with a thumping majority.

For his maiden Independence Day in 2014, he had opted for a bright red Jodhpuri 'bandhej' turban. In 2015, Prime Minister Modi chose a yellow turban covered with multi-coloured criss-cross lines, and a tie-and-dye turban in hues of pink and yellow in 2016.

The prime minister's turban for 2017 was a mix of bright red and yellow with crisscrossed golden lines all over. He donned a saffron turban for his appearance at the Red Fort in 2018.

From a bright red 'bandhani' turban from Kutch to a mustard Rajasthani 'safa', Modi's eye-catching turbans have been a highlight of his Republic Day appearances too.

In 2022, Modi had chosen a unique Uttarakhand traditional cap for the Republic Day celebrations. The cap also had a Brahma Kamal-inspired brooch. Brahma Kamal is Uttarakhand's state flower, which the prime minister uses on every visit to Kedarnath.

In 2021, Modi wore a 'Halari Pagdi', a bright red bandhej (a type of tie-dye textile) headgear with yellow dots during the celebratory parade — a gift from the royal family of Jamnagar in Gujarat.