Pace of development will increase if BJP's 'double-engine govt' is formed in Rajasthan: Gadkari

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Jaipur, Nov 17 (PTI) Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Friday said the pace of development will increase in Rajasthan if the "double-engine government" of the BJP is formed.  He said the Centre has done various development works which has changed the face of Rajasthan and the pace will pick up if the BJP is voted to power in the state.  "The face of Rajasthan has changed rapidly and I believe that the BJP government will once again come with the support of the people. We will win and with the double-engine government, the pace of development will further increase," Gadkari said at a press conference in Jaipur.  The Assembly polls are due in the state on November 25.

He said that with better roads, tourism will increase and more employment opportunities will be created. Better infrastructure will boost tourism, which will create jobs, Gadkari added.  Replying to a question on toll tax on roads, Gadkari said that it will never end in the country.  "The toll tax system has come out of compulsion as the government has less resources," he said.

He said that the government is working to abolish toll booths and working on satellite-based toll system to charge money on the basis of per kilometer travelled.  At present, people have to pay toll for the entire road even if they have travelled less distance. PTI AG MNK MNK MNK