Pedestrians most vulnerable to road accident fatalities in Delhi, data shows

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14 Nov 2023
New Update

New Delhi, Nov 14 (PTI) Pedestrians accounted for 43 per cent of road accident fatalities in Delhi in 2022 followed by motorcyclists at 38 per cent, police said on Tuesday.


In 2022, 629 pedestrians were killed and 1,777 injured in road accidents in the national capital. The percentage share of pedestrians injured in accidents fell to 34.16 per cent against 35.94 per cent in 2021, the data showed.

According to the police, 91 per cent of road accident death victims in 2022 were men. They accounted for 86 per cent of accident injuries.

The maximum men and women killed in road accidents were in the 40-years-and-above age group. The maximum number of men injured were in the 19-30 age group while the corresponding figure for women was in the above-40 age group.


"To tackle road accidents, Delhi Traffic Police has implemented various measures, including addressing reckless and drunk driving, establishing an effective enforcement mechanism, conducting real-time data analysis, enhancing driver education and training programmes, utilising modern technology, and collaborating with various stakeholders to improve road engineering issues," a senior police official said.

In 2022, 21.93 per cent of road accident victims lost their lives against 22.47 per cent the previous year, the official said.

Motorcyclists are the next most vulnerable category and accounted for 552 (37.78 per cent) fatalities and 2,263 (43.49 per cent) injuries among victims of road accidents in Delhi in 2022, the police said.


Fatal crashes involving two-wheelers increased in 2022. Two-wheeler riders injured in accidents also increased from 1,868 in 2021 to 2,263 in 2022. The crash data revealed that two-wheeler riders were victims in one of every three deaths or injuries.

One important fact that can be ascertained is that the share of two-wheeler riders as victims (fatalities and injuries) is gradually increasing, the police said.

Cyclists' share as road accident victims has remained around 2 per cent to 4 per cent during the last eight years. The percentage of cyclists injured in road accidents has been reducing gradually over the past 15 years and came down from 5.05 per cent in 2007 to 2.57 per cent in 2022, the police said.


The proportion of cyclists killed (3.2 per cent in 2022 against 3.63 per cent in 2021) and injured (2.57 per cent in 2022 against 2.87 per cent in 2021) was lower than in 2021, they said.

Of all victims of injuries in road accidents, 44 per cent were motorcyclists and 34 per cent pedestrians, the police said.

Engineering issues such as improper road curvature, line of sight not being visible, lack of standard speed calming measures, improper illumination, non-standard road shoulders and improper signages, etc are among the major causes of these accidents, they said.


An increase in average speeds is also directly related both to the likelihood of a crash occurring and to the severity of the consequences. For example, every 1 per cent increase in mean speed produces a 4 per cent rise in the fatal crash risk and a 3 per cent jump in the serious crash risk, the police said.

The death risk for pedestrians hit by car fronts rises rapidly (4.5 times from 50 kilometres per hour to 65 kilometres per hour). In car-to-car side impacts, the fatality risk for occupants is 85 per cent at 65 kilometres per hour. Correct helmet use can lead to a 42 per cent reduction in the risk of fatal injuries and a 69 per cent decline in the risk of head injuries, they said.

Wearing a seat-belt reduces the risk of death by 45 to 50 per cent among drivers and front seat occupants and the risk of death and serious injuries by 25 per cent among those occupying rear seats. Use of child restraints can lead to a 60 per cent reduction in deaths, the police added. PTI NIT SZM