People's mandate reveals politics of revenge, repression will work no more: Sachin Pilot

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Congress leader Sachin Pilot (File image)

Jaipur: People through the Lok Sabha elections have sent a message that the politics of repression, revenge, and discrimination will not work, Congress leader Sachin Pilot said on Tuesday.

"I want to thank the people of the state for the results that have come in Rajasthan. These were unexpected. We have defeated the Bharatiya Janata Party on 11 seats. There was a double-engine government, whether it was Uttar Pradesh, Haryana or Rajasthan, people, farmers, youth have given a clear message," Pilot told reporters in Dausa.

Pilot was in Dausa on the occasion of the death anniversary of the former Union minister and his father Rajesh Pilot.

Along with Pilot, a large number of Congress workers reached Bhadana in Dausa to pay their tributes at the Rajesh Pilot Memorial and participated in a 'Sarvadharma' prayer meeting.

According to a party spokesperson, along with many MLAs, all eight newly elected Congress MPs from Rajasthan were present in the programme. In the Lok Sabha elections, the INDIA bloc won 11 out of 25 Lok Sabha seats in the state, while the BJP won the remaining 14.

Pilot said that a fractured mandate has enforced the formation of a coalition government at the Centre.

The former deputy chief minister said, "The political message that has come from the results of these elections is that the politics of repression, revenge, attack, discrimination will not work. The kind of controversy that happened earlier in the Parliament when 147 MPs were suspended in one day, I think people did not like that kind of action." He said that with their mandate, the public has given a message that in the coming times, everyone needs to work together.

Taking a dig at the new National Democratic Alliance government, he said, "The government was formed yesterday, or the day before, but doubts have risen in many parties, some are refusing to take the oath, the tug-of-war has started but time will tell how long the government will run and how successful it will be."