'Pratigya Patra' to be policy document, says Himachal governor

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Rajemdra V Arlekar Himachal Pradesh Governor Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu

Himachal Pradesh Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar with chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu (File photo)

Dharamsala: The 'Pratigya Patra' announced by the Congress during the assembly elections will be a policy document and the government will work accordingly, Himachal Pradesh Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar said on Thursday.


Arlekar said while addressing the first session of 14th assembly here.

The government will focus on new programmes in all sectors in a phased manner through integrated development of the state's capabilities to create employment opportunities, he said and added that it would also ensure that the benefits reached all sections of society.

The government is committed to fulfilling the promises made during the elections and a detailed roadmap for implementation of the guarantees in the 'Pratigya Patra' will be discussed while presenting the budget, the governor said.


Arlekar asserted that governance and administration would be improved to protect people from corruption and said all possible efforts would be ensured to establish efficient, transparent and accountable administrative machinery.

Calling employees the government's backbone, Arlekar said they would maintain cordial relations with the people and consider their grievances and demands without compromising efficiency and discipline.

The people of the state have always supported progressive policies and given the mandate to attain the objectives of all-round development. It will be the government's endeavour to curb fast-growing unemployment and complete ongoing development projects within the stipulated time frame, he added.


The government will make efforts to ensure that the state's youth not only get employment but are also able to create employment, Arlekar said. He added that the government had already started working to create new employment opportunities.

Assuring the state's people that the government would always respond to constructive criticism, Arlekar hoped that each member would contribute fully to deliberations in the House. He urged the members of both the ruling and the opposition to work together with a positive outlook and the objective of taking the state forward.

The government is of the opinion that it is not a change of government but of the system, Arlekar said and added that new niches of progress and development would be carved out.


The newly elected state government, in a short period, has been prompt to take some important decisions for the welfare of people and good administration, he said.

Referring to the assembly elections, Arlekar said the state's people had unfettered faith in the basic principles of democracy and added that they had full faith in electing their government with active participation in the electoral process.

The governor also expressed his gratitude to the Election Commission of India for conducting free and fair elections and also thanked the electorate.