Quack absconding since 2016 arrested in Delhi

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New Delhi, Jun 7 (PTI) A 42-year-old quack was arrested who was absconding since 2016 and was practising Allopathy medicine, police said on Friday.

According to the police, the accused was evading arrest by hiding in Malda in West Bengal and recently had shifted to Delhi.

Police said the accused was residing in a posh area to evade arrest and was allegedly treating patients in JJ clusters to earn easy money.

The accused has been identified as Krishna Biswas, they said.

"The fake doctor had been evading trial proceedings since 2016 and was allegedly treating patients in JJ clusters of R K Puram, endangering their lives to earn easy money," Deputy Commissioner of Police (southwest) Rohit Meena said.

The officer further said in August 2015, information was received by the Delhi Medical Council (DMC) that a person named Krishna Biswas was treating patients with a fake degree of doctor in JJ clusters of Sector 6 and 7 of RK Puram in Delhi.

"Based on the information received on August 17, 2015, the team of DMC, with the help of RK Puram police, conducted a raid and apprehended Biswas, who was practising Allopathy medicine. Consequently, on the complaint of Dr Praveen Bala, ACDMO (NDD) (Anti Quackery), Medical Directorate of Health Services in New Delhi, an FIR was filed," said the DCP.

The officer further said after completion of the investigation, the charge sheet against the accused was filed before the court.

However, in order to evade trial proceedings, Biswas shifted from Delhi to Malda in West Bengal in 2016 and did not attend the trial proceedings, said the DCP.

"Multiple NBWs (non-bailable warrants) were issued against him since then but could not be executed due to the non-availability of his exact whereabouts. On January 22, the trial court again issued NBW against him for June 22," said the officer.

To execute the NBW, a team was formed and a raid was conducted in Malda. But it was revealed that he had shifted back to Delhi from Bengal along with his wife and children.

"His wife is working in a bungalow, and his three children are studying in a school in RK Puram. On June 4, a tip-off was received that the accused was available in New Moti Bagh in Delhi. Based on this information, a raid was conducted and Biswas was apprehended," said the officer.

Police said the accused has studied up to class X. He worked as a helper with an MBBS doctor in Malda for for three years. He learned the names of a few medicines as well as techniques to treat patients and started giving medicines to acquaintances in Malda.

"His contacts informed him about the good business prospects for doctors in the JJ clusters in Delhi and on their advice, he shifted to Delhi. He took a flat on rent in a government colony of Sector 7 in RK Puram, and opened a clinic. He was earning a substantial profit. However, being a bogus doctor, he was arrested in this case," said the DCP, adding that further investigation is under progress. PTI BM BM KSS KSS